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Love your job but don't love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.

Dr. APJ Abdul Karim

  1. Work is a never-ending process. It can never be completed!

  2. Interest of a client is important, so is your family.

  3. If you fall in your life, neither your boss nor client will offer you a helping hand; your family and friends will.

  4. Life is not only about work, office and client. There is more to life. You need time to socialize, entertain, relax and exercise. Don't let life be meaningless.

  5. A person who stay late at the office is not a hardworking person! Instead he/she is a fool who does not know how to manage work within the stipulated time. He/She is inefficient and incompetent in his work.

  6. You did not study hard and struggle in life to become a machine.

  7. If your boss force you to work late, he/she may be ineffective and have a meaningless life too; so  forward this to him/her.


Leaving Office On Time

  • Efficient

  • Good social life

  • Quality family life

Leaving Office Late

  • Inefficient and incompetent

  • No social life

  • Less family life


7 Sebab Kenapa Kena Balik Kerja ON TIME

  • Kerja memang tak pernah habis
  • Keluarga lebih penting dari kerja
  • Kalau korang susah bukannya Bos nak tolong pun kan?
  • Manusia hidup bukan untuk kerja tapi kerja untuk hidup
  • Orang yang suka duduk kat pejabat maknanya dia forever alone
  • Kita ni manusia bukannya robot. Betul tak?
  • Pesanan terakhir, kalau Bos korang suruh kerja lebih masa, share ngan dia post ni


JOM BALIK ON TIME!!! Kalau tak korang memang forever alone...