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Super User

Owner Alkhudhri.com | kedaitopup1malaysia.blogspot.my | maribeli.com.my

Do you need more money? Who doesn't, right? After pondering my own sad financial predicament over lunch at the mamak, I decided to go online to look for ways to make (and save) money. Here are the apps and services I found that earn you money, cashback, and other cool rewards:


1. 8Share

8Share is a Malaysian social reward network that rewards social media users who love sharing cool stuff on social media. When you join this private rewards club, you just need to share interesting content (also known as 'Specials') from its site on the timeline of your social media account. You earn money and/or points when your friends/followers on social media check out the Specials you share.  

8Share also hosts monthly giveaways where you can win money, and prizes like gadgets and vouchers. Joining 8Share is completely free, and payment is processed twice a month via bank transfer. You can request to cash out your money once you've reached the minimum cash out amount of RM50 (or RM10 within your first 30 days of signing up).

8Share is our sister product, so you can definitely count on it!


  • A Malaysian bank account


  • Up to RM10 per cash Special
  • Bonus Points (to redeem merchandise/gift cards/vouchers/etc.)


Download 8Share on iTunes and Google Play Store.


2. ShopBack

ShopBack is an e-commerce site that allows you to get a certain percentage of your money back (also known as Cashback on their site) when you shop online. Their list of merchants include Lazada, Zalora, Sephora, Grab, Expedia, Malaysia Airlines, and more! ShopBack also offers a wide range of promo codes and online vouchers from a variety of merchants - fashion, food, travel, and so on.

To get Cashback when you shop online, just shop through the ShopBack website, app, or Google Chrome extension button. Click on any store on ShopBack, get redirected to the store's website, shop as usual, and get Cashback in your ShopBack account! You can cash out your money once you've reached the minimum Redeemable Cashback amount of RM10.00. Pretty easy, right?

If you're an online shopaholic, you know where to go. ;)


  • A Malaysian bank account


  • Cashback
  • Promo codes and online vouchers


Download ShopBack on iTunes and Google Play Store

Get the ShopBack Cashback Buddy Google Chrome extension button.


3. Netizen Testing

Netizen Testing is a service that allows you to earn money through usability testing - a method used to evaluate how easy a website is to use by testing said website on a user. As a Netizen Testing tester, you earn money by testing out websites and giving verbal feedback. Netizen Testing pays in US Dollars. You earn $7 via PayPal (after 14 working days) for each task you successfully complete.

According to their FAQ, testers will spend about 20 minutes navigating a site and answering a survey that consists of up to four questions. As you navigate the site, your screen and voice will be recorded by a program provided by Netizen Testing. To get started, click Be a Tester on the home page and sign up for a free account.


  • A PayPal account
  • A computer – PC/laptop with at least 1GB RAM, 5GB free hard disc space (Mac is currently not supported)
  • Broadband connection
  • A headset microphone


  • $7 per task (current exchange rate: 1 USD = MYR 4.30. Rate is updated every quarter)



4. MyBump

MyBump is a crowd advertising platform that helps drivers earn while they drive. You earn money and freebies when you endorse brands on your car and social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). Basically, all you need to do is choose a campaign, stick the campaign sticker (delivered to you) on the back of your car, and take and share a selfie on social media as proof.

MyBump operates mainly in the Klang Valley, and sometimes in Penang and Johor Bahru. It's absolutely free and it pays you on a monthly basis via bank transfer. Sweet deal, huh?

Time to make some money while you're stuck in traffic!


  • A Malaysian bank account
  • A valid Malaysian driver’s licence
  • A car (or be covered under the car insurance policy of the car you plan to drive)
  • An active Facebook or Instagram account
  • Good driving record


  • A base amount of approximately RM100 - RM200 per month for each sticker
  • Freebies (brand merchandise, gifts, discount codes, voucher, etc.)



5. Manis

Manis is a universal loyalty lifestyle mobile app that rewards you for tracking your spending. You earn points when you snap and upload a photo of your receipt using the app. The points you earn are based on the amount that's on your receipt (RM1 = 1 Manis point). Your points can be used to redeem rewards from your preferred store.

Receipts from various merchants are accepted - food and beverage, retail, health and beauty, entertainment, and services. You just need to search for the merchant of your receipt in the app. An important thing to note is that your receipt must be snapped within the same day of your purchase. 


  • A smartphone


  • Manis points (to redeem physical/online/cash vouchers)

Download Manis on iTunes and Google Play Store.


6. PanelPlace

PanelPlace is an online platform that connects you to survey panels that reward you for your opinion. All you need to do is join survey panels that are recommended to you by PanelPlace, take the surveys that the panels send you, and lastly, get rewarded for completing your surveys!

Once you have accumulated the minimum redemption threshold of the respective survey panel, you can request for a redemption directly from the survey panel. Rewards vary based on the survey panel that you join. No payment is required to sign up as a PanelPlace survey-taker.


  • A PayPal account


  • Points/credits (to redeem cash/gifts/vouchers/products/etc.)


Download PanelPlace on iTunes and Google Play Store.


7. GigaGigs

GigaGigs is a mobile app that rewards you for completing simple micro tasks. The tasks range from completing surveys to trying out new products/services. To earn money and other great rewards, all you have to do is download the app, search for tasks around you, and complete the task of your choice according to its instructions. You can withdraw your money once you've earned a minimum of RM10.


  • A Malaysian bank account


  • RM2 - RM10 per survey

Download GigaGigs on iTunes and Google Play Store.


8. Neway Karaoke Box - Mystery Shopper Project

Neway Karaoke Box is a popular karaoke chain in Malaysia. People go there to sing their hearts out, but rarely do they know that they can get paid to do so. Neway has an ongoing 'Mystery Shopper' project, which uses the mystery shopping method to assess the overall quality (food, service, staff, etc.) of each of its outlets. To sign up as a mystery shopper for Neway, you simply need to register on their website.

Selected mystery shoppers will be emailed with their assigned outlet to visit. Your job will be to act like a Neway customer, observe the outlet's overall service and quality, and ask the outlet's staff as many questions as possible (eg: pricing, promotions, features, etc.). You need to bring at least one other person with you when conducting your survey. Once you're done, you need to complete and submit a feedback form within 48 hours. You also need to attach a scanned copy of your receipt as proof of your visit.


  • You must be a Malaysian citizen aged 18 and above


  • RM40 - RM75




MOBROG is an online panel where you get paid for answering surveys. All you have to do is register for a free account and take part in the survey of your choice from a selection of survey invites sent to you by email or app push notification. The cash incentive amount differs from survey to survey. You can request for payment via PayPal once you've reached the minimum trigger amount of money.


  • A PayPal account


  • RM2 - RM10 per survey


Download MOBROG on iTunes and Google Play Store.


10. Moola

Moola is an advertising company that lets drivers earn while they drive. Moola connects you with brands that want mobile outdoor advertising. You get paid for installing and driving around with advertising vinyl films/stickers on your car.

Earnings are based on an impression basis with a maximum cap. If you drive about 35KM per day (during the daytime), you can earn anywhere up to RM800 per month, depending on the campaign. A campaign usually lasts between 3 - 6 months, but this also depends on the brand/advertiser's campaign.


  • A Malaysian bank account
  • A valid driver’s licence
  • A clean driving record
  • A car that's less than 10 years old in good condition with a factory finish paint job (where your vehicle’s paint job is clean and either with good, original factory painted surface or its equivalent)
  • You must be a frequent driver
  • A smartphone (Android or iPhone) with a data plan


  • Up to RM800 per month


Download Moola on iTunes and Google Play Store.


11. CashMe

CashMe is a loyalty mobile app that rewards you with cashback and points whenever you spend money at any participating merchant. To earn cashback and points, just sign up for a free account and show your QR code when you spend at a participating merchant. You can use your cashback to pay your bill at any participating merchant. Any remaining balance of your bill (after cashback redemption) can be topped up using cash. According to their website, their point redemption system is coming soon.


  • A smartphone


  • 5% - 15% cashback 
  • Points

Download CashMe on iTunes and Google Play Store.


12. Triip

Triip.me is a travel platform that connects travellers who want to experience local culture, with locals who want to offer specially designed tours that focus on local cultural experiences. As a Triip Creator, you earn money when the unique tour (also known as 'triip') you create gets booked by travellers.

Try this if you enjoy traveling and connecting with people. Listing your tailor-made triips on Triip is absolutely free, however, there is a transaction fee by PayPal/Visa or any third party for payments, and a 10% processing fee from the total booking value that will be charged when your booking has been completed.


  • A PayPal account


  • Money (subject to processing and transaction fees)



13. GoGet

GoGet is a platform where you can earn money for completing simple tasks like running errands, standing in line for tickets, transporting gifts, and so on. To be a GoGetter, you need to complete an online test, fill in an application form, and attend a training session that's approximately 2 hours. There is a RM15 registration fee to cover the cost of training.

Once you're a verified GoGetter, you can start looking for available jobs through the GoGet mobile app. When you see a job you like, claim it and complete it according to its instructions and requirements. You get paid either by Cash On Delivery or bank transfer. Payment via bank transfer is processed every Monday. You'll receive your money within 3 working days.


  • A Malaysian bank account
  • A smartphone with data connection
  • Good command of English


  • Money (depends on job)


Download GoGet on iTunes and Google Play Store.


14. Petsodia

Petsodia is an online platform that connects pet owners to pet sitters who are willing to host the pet owners' pets while they're away for work or leisure. To apply to be a pet sitter, sign up on their website. Once your profile has been reviewed and approved by Petsodia, you can start listing your availability.

As a pet sitter, you earn between RM35 - RM60 per day when you pet sit from the comfort of your own home. You can host whatever type of pets you want - dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and so on. You can also host more than one pet at a time. The pet owner will pay the total boarding fee to Petsodia. You receive 80% of your listed price and the remaining 20% is deducted under a administration and marketing fee. Payment is done via bank transfer and it takes under 10 working days.


  • A Malaysian bank account 
  • You must be a pet owner of the type of pet you're going to host 


  • RM35 - RM60 per day, per pet




CARDPOW! is a site that gives you cashback when you buy promoted products or services at any participating merchant such as CatchThatBus, F.O.S, Fashion Valet, Hermo, Kinokuniya, mytayar.com, Qatar Airways, and more. All you need to do? Upload a screenshot of your receipt from the participating merchant.


  • A smartphone


  • Between 5% - 15% cashback and points

Download CARDPOW! on iTunes and Google Play Store.


16. Gloviss

Gloviss is an online panel community which is connected to market research companies. As a survey-taker, you are rewarded with points, which you can convert to cash, gift vouchers, or promotional items. To convert your points to cash, you need to redeem a minimum of 3,000 points (100 points = RM1). Your money will then be transferred to your bank account. This entire process (point conversion and bank transfer) takes 10 working days.


  • A Malaysian bank account


  • Money
  • Gift vouchers
  • Promotional items



17. MatDespatch

MatDespatch is a same-day delivery and courier service currently available within the Klang Valley. You earn money when you pickup and deliver items to nearby homes and offices as a driver/MatDespatch Hero. You can either accept the job assigned to you, or choose the job that suits your daily route. Payment is transferred weekly via bank transfer.


  • A Malaysian bank account
  • A valid identification card and driver's licence
  • A vehicle (motorcycle, car, van or lorry)
  • An Android smartphone


  • Money (depends on job)


Download MatDespatch on Google Play Store.


18. Moovby

Moovby is a platform where you can rent out your car when it's not in use. There is no registration/membership/annual fee imposed, however, you will be charged 15% out of every transaction. To register, you need to upload your Identity Card (IC), driver's licence, utility bill/matriculation card (if you're a student), vehicle’s grant, and your car’s road tax. Renters are also required to provide necessary documents for screening before they're able to rent a car.

Payment is disbursed by Moovby to car owners on a weekly basis. Some things you need to consider before listing your car on this platform - car safety, insurance, and so on.


  • A Malaysian bank account
  • A car that has been registered no longer than 6 years


  • Money (amount depends on the type of car you're listing)


Download Moovby on iTunes and Google Play Store.


19. POPULAR - Mystery Shopper Programme

POPULAR is a well-known bookstore in Malaysia. A lesser-known fact about it is that it runs an internal 'Mystery Shopper Programme' to test, observe, and evaluate its customer service in an effort to improve and better serve their customers.

As a Mystery Shopper, you are recruited to shop at POPULAR and to observe its staff. In exchange, you are rewarded with RM50 POPULAR gift vouchers per assigned store. To participate in this programme, you need to fill in their registration form, accept your assignment that will be sent to you via email, complete your assignment at the assigned POPULAR store, and lastly, fill in a feedback form.


  • You must be a customer of POPULAR Book Company (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  • You must be a Malaysian citizen aged 21 and above
  • Not a family member of an existing staff member of POPULAR


  • RM50 POPULAR gift voucher for every store assigned per month



20. Triaba

Triaba is a Norwegian paid survey site. It conducts surveys in more than 40 countries all around the world, including Malaysia. Once you sign up for your free account, you will start receiving e-mail invitations to paid surveys. You can expect to receive 1 - 7 surveys per month, depending on your profile information. Malaysian Triaba panel members are paid in US Dollars via PayPal. You can start transferring your earnings to your PayPal account once you've accumulated $6.25 in your Triaba account.


  • A PayPal account


  • USD0.25 - USD4.50 or more



21. Jetspree

Jetspree is a global shopping platform that connects travellers and shoppers. You can earn money every time you travel abroad by accepting the requests and cash rewards offered by shoppers on Jetspree. To start, you need to register for a free account on the website. Once you've logged into the site, you can start posting your upcoming trip overseas. You'll be able to see relevant shoppers' requests that match your upcoming trip.

All you have to do next is claim the request of your choice, buy the requested item within 3 days, and lastly, deliver the item at the designated drop-off point at the airport within 2 days of your arrival. You receive payment via bank transfer within 5 - 7 working days once you've successfully delivered your purchased item to Jetspree's drop-off point at the airport.


  • A Malaysian bank account


  • Money (reward amount depends on shopper)



Cool options, huh? Makes you wanna say:

Can you think of any other apps or services that let you earn money/cashback/cool rewards? Share them with us in the comments section below! :D


Kentang Putar

Bahan-Bahan :

  • 6 biji kentang yang bersaiz besar
  • 2 sudu besar mentega
  • 5 sudu besar susu segar
  • Garam dan serbuk lada hitam secukup rasa.

Cara-Cara :

  1. Kupaskan kentang dan potong dadu. Rebus kentang sehingga empuk. Bila dah empuk, toskan air. Untuk mudahkan kerja, lenyek kentang dalam keadaan kentang masih panas.
  2. Masukkan susu segar dan mentega. Gaul rata. Rasakan dengan garam dan serbuk lada hitam.

Tambahan : Sekiranya ada stok simpanan double cream atau whipping cream dalam peti ais. Boleh juga gunakan salah satu sebagai penambah rasa dalam kentang putar. Sedap. Bertambah lemak. :D


Sos Kentang Putar

Bahan-Bahan :

  • 650 ml air
  • 1 biji bawang Holland - cincang halus
  • 1 batang saderi - cincang halus
  • 3 sudu besar serbuk Pati Ayam/ 1 1/2 kiub Pati Ayam Maggi
  • 4 sudu besar mentega
  • 4 sudu besar tepung gandum
  • 1 sudu besar sos tomato
  • 1 sudu besar sos tiram
  • 1 sudu kecil serbuk lada hitam
  • garam secukup rasa

Cara-Cara :

  1. Masak air dengan masukkan serbuk pati ayam, daun saderi dan bawang besar. Masak sampai mendidih. Renehkan sebentar dengan api perlahan selama 10 minit. Tapis ke dalam mangkuk.
  2. Dalam periuk yang lain, cairkan mentega dalam api sederhana panas. Biarkan cair. Masukkan tepung gandum sikit demi sedikit. Kacau perlahan sampai tepung tak melekat di periuk. Pastikan api perlahan ya.
  3. Tuangkan air rebusan perlahan-lahan. Sedikit demi sedikit. Kacau sampai kuah menjadi likat.
  4. Masukkan sos tomato dan sos tiram. Kacau sebati.
  5. Masukkan kicap pekat. Tambah kicap sekira mahu kuahnya berwarna gelap.
  6. Masak sehingga pekat. Rasa dahulu sebelum masukkan garam. Sekiranya anda sudah berpuas hati dengan rasa yang sedia ada. Tak perlu tambah garam. Sekiranya mahu masin lebih. Baru tambahkan garam.
  7. Akhir sekali, taburkan serbuk lada hitam. Kacau lagi sampai serbuk lada hitam sebati dengan kuah. Masa ni kalau nak kuah pekat. Kacau lama. Suka kuah cair. Boleh dah tutup api.

Selepas 3 tahun filem TRANSFORMERS menyepi dengan memberikan laluan pengarahnya, Michael Bay menyiapkan penggambaran, akhirnya filem ini bakal menggempakkan pawagam pada tahun ini dengan sequel kelima iaitu TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT.

Tapi, ramai mengatakan ni adalah sequel yang terakhir. Yeke? So, lepas ini dah tak ada lah TRANSFORMERS? Kesian peminat-peminat yang follow dari sequel satu sampai 4, takkan habis macam tu je kot? Jom kita tengok apa sebab-sebabnya…


1. Selepas pelakon utama ditukar…

Kalau korang tengok filem TRANSFORMERS dari sequel pertama iaitu pada tahun 2007 sampai lah sequel ketiga pada tahun 2014, Bay menggunakan pelakon utama yang sama. Shia LaBeouf digandingkan bersama Megan Fox yang dulu memang tengah hot, mesti lah korang nak tengok Megan Fox kan?

Tetapi, untuk sequel keempat iaitu TRANSFORMERS 4: AGE OF EXTINCTION, Bay menukar watak utama kepada Mark Wahlberg yang menjadikan rating dan jumlah kutipan sedikit menurun.


Kutipan filem yang meningkat dari $836.3 million hingga $1.124 billion untuk sequel 1-3, namun turun kepada $1.104 billion untuk sequel keempat. Dari situ kita dapat lihat peminat sedikit kecewa dan minat untuk mengikuti sequel seterusnya juga makin pudar, menjadikan rating jatuh. Bay juga mungkin agak patah hati lalu enggan meneruskan sequel TRANSFORMERS yang seterusnya.


2. Optimus Prime dah jadi jahat

Korang yang fanatik TRANSFORMERS mesti dah tengok trailer TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT kan? Amacam? Menarik tak?

Berdasarkan trailer, kita boleh nampak yang ada perubahan pada karakter Optimus Prime yang mana dulu ia melawan kejahatan bagi pihak manusia. Namun, selepas ia meninggalkan bumi, peperangan berlaku antara TRANSFORMERS dan manusia.

Sekembalinya Optimus Prime, dia pula nak musnahkan dan melawan manusia yang diwakili Bumble Bee. Apa dah jadi? So, lepasni Optimus Prime dah jadi jahat terus ke?


3. Ada kemunculan naga berkepala 3!

Kalau korang rajin baca review filem, nanti akan muncul Dragonstorm dalam TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT. Dragonstorm adalah naga berkepala 3 gabungan 2 Knights Of Cybertron, Dragonicus dan Stormreign. Wah! Mesti korang excited kan?

Lepas itu, ada lagi satu naga Steelbane, kesatria Cybertronian yang bertukar menjadi mekanikal wyvern. Mesti best ni!


4. Ini TRANSFORMERS arahan terakhir Michael Bay

Selepas mengarah 4 sequel TRANSFORMERS, Bay mungkin dah penat dan merancang untuk buat filem lain kan? Biasa lah, pengarah pun nak cari mood baru. Dia pun dah confirm yang ini adalah sequel terakhir, tapi kalau Paramount tak dapat cari penggantinya dan fans TRANSFORMERS pun asyik minta Bay sambung mengarah, mungkin beliau akan sambung. Apa kata korang?


Jangan lupa tonton TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT 22 Jun ni!

Walaupun TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT adalah yang terakhir, jangan lupa untuk tonton filem yang bakal pecah panggung arahan Michael Bay ini. Ia akan mula ditayangkan 22 Jun di semua pawagam seluruh Malaysia. Make sure filem ni dapat sambutan hangat dan naikkan semula rating. Mesti Michael Bay akan sambung mengarah sequel seterusnya!

Pejam celik pejam celik, dah nak dekat raya dah kan. Hati rasa macam tak sabar betul nak raya. Buat kerja pun mulalah dah tak fokus sebab asyik pikir nak balik kampung nak raya je. Betul tak? Hehe!

Perkara yang paling best kalau balik kampung masa raya ni adalah berkumpul dengan sanak saudara. Ada je benda kelakar atau idea gila yang akan keluar bila ramai-ramai tu. Yang paling seronok, makan ramai-ramai bila buka puasa. Berebut-rebut makanan. Fuh! Meriah betul!

Tapi, bila dah ramai-ramai tu, bukan makanan je berebut, macam-macam benda lagi anda akan berebut. Masa ni lah baru rasa macam ”Eh..kenapa aku tak bawak siap-siap dari rumah. Kan dah menyesal!”.

Nak tahu apa barang yang kita tak sangka berguna pada hari raya ni? Jom baca ni…



Haa..jangan tak tahu. Bila dah berkumpul ramai-ramai tu, segala benda jadi tak cukup. LOL! Lepas dah seharian selfie raya tu, mestilah nak charge handphone masing-masing kan.

Masa ni lah multiple usb/ extension diperlukan sangat-sangat! So, anda kalau balik kampung, bawalah extra plug sendiri ya!



Sebenarnya bukan masa raya sahaja peti pertolongan cemas ni penting, benda ni memang wajib ada di rumah setiap masa okay!

Yela, masa raya ni dah tentu busy nak layan tetamu dan nak siapkan makanan untuk tetamu. So, segala benda kalau boleh kita nak siapkan laju-laju. Siapa sangka, time tengah potong nasi impit atau lemang, tiba-tiba terhiris jari anda pulak. Ouch!

Hati-hati pegang pisau tu!



Tak lengkap rasanya raya kalau tak bergambar satu keluarga kan? Mulalah keluar aksi-aksi pelik kalau dah ramai-ramai tu. HAHA!

Kalau boleh, semua orang nak masuk dalam gambar. Rugilah kalau takde muka anda yang cantik tu kan. Haa..masa ni lah selfie stick sangat diperlukan.

Barulah sempurna gambar raya anda sekeluarga!



Kaum wanita setuju tak kalau admin cakap pin tudung merupakan benda yang sangat berguna time raya?

Yelah, perempuan ni boleh kata benda yang paling wajib hilang tiap-tiap hari adalah pin tudung! Beli lah berapa guni sekali pun, confirm hilang punya. LOL!

Bila raya, mestilah kita nak cantik-cantik kan. Tudung pun mestilah kena on point! So, wajib ada extra pin tudung. Lepas tu pulak, mesti ada antara cousins or makcik anda yang alami perkara yang sama.

So, anda yang ada pin tudung extra tu lah jadi penyelamat. To the rescue! 



Masa raya ni lah kita nak ziarah dan eratkan silaturrrahim dengan ahli keluarga terdekat kan.

Seronoknya pergi beraya ramai-ramai satu family. Yang lagi best, adalah makan time! Masa raya ni, boleh kata semua rumah akan hidangkan makanan yang istimewa dan meriah.

Bila family datang beraya kat rumah anda tu, mestilah anda nak bagi mereka bawa balik sesuatu kan. Selain bagi duit raya, bolehlah bagi mereka bawa balik sekali juadah raya. Bersedekah tu kan amalan mulia!

Haa..masa ni lah anda akan perlukan bekas makanan. Tapi jangan guna tupperware mak anda tau. Mengamuk pulak nanti! Haha!



Tak lengkap rasanya hari raya tanpa pelbagai juadah yang enak dan menyelerakan.

Rendang, lemang, ketupat, sate, lontong, sup tulang, laksa, mi kari, kuah kacang, kuih raya, dan banyak lagi juadah raya wajib ada di setiap rumah. Senang cerita sampai tak muat meja lah!

Bila dah banyak makanan macam tu, takkan nak tengok saja kan. Apa lagi, bedal la! Bukan selalu. Haha!

Haa..lepas tu, mulalah perut meragam. Sakit perut lah, ciri birit lah. Spoil betul. Yelah, dah sumbat macam-macam kan. Masa ni, Yakult lah penyelamat anda!

Yakult adalah minuman kesihatan yang mengandungi probiotik tinggi dapat membantu menentang bakteria jahat di dalam usus, sekaligus dapat mengurangkan toksin yang berbahaya di dalam badan kita.

Selain itu, Yakult juga berpotensi untuk melindungi perut anda daripada keracunan makanan dan cirit birit berpunca daripada bakteria jahat tadi dan meningkatkan sistem imunisasi badan anda. Hebat kan Yakult!

Sebab tulah kami sarankan, setiap rumah wajib ada Yakult. Takdelah spoil mood anda nak beraya.



Apa yang lagi menarik, sempena raya ni, pakar pemakanan dan juga jurulatih kecergasan terkenal iaitu Kevin Zahri nak tunjuk kat anda demo resepi Jus Kurma Yakult tau!

Macam sedap je! Haa..anda wajib tengok tau demo dari Kevin Zahri ni. Bolehlah ambil inspirasi untuk jamu dekat tetamu yang datang rumah nanti. Asyik hidang air sirap pun bosan juga.

Apa kata raya ni hidang Jus Kurma Yakult. Barulah lain dari yang lain. Jom kami belanja video demo dari Kevin Zahri dan anaknya yang comel!

Senang je kan cara nak buat Jus Kurma Yakult ni. Sihat pulak tu! Anda jangan lupa cuba resepi ni ok.

Yakult disayangi oleh 35 juta orang di 38 negara seluruh dunia. Yakult juga bebas daripada pewarna, bahan pengawet, penstabil makanan dan mempunyai 0% kolesterol dan 0% lemak.

Jom amalkan Yakult di hari raya ini untuk raya yang lebih meriah sambil kekal sihat!

[SERTAI SEKARANG] Menangi Sebuah Vespa S150 Atau Samsung Galaxy A7 Sebelum 25 Jun 2017!

Mungkin Raya tahun ni korang akan balik kampung dengan skuter dan smartphone baru! Jom tengok macam mana.


Langkah 1 : Belikan 2 pek OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE 3-dalam-1 dalam satu resit

Langkah 2 : Tangkap gambar resit dan pek dibeli bersama-sama dan muat naik

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Tempoh Peraduan 22 Mei - 25 Jun 2017.


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Bila cakap pasal makeup atau skin care, memang semua wanita akan excited. Lagi-lagi bila jenama barang yang mereka nak tu import dari luar negara seperti Korea, Taiwan, Jepun, Eropah, A.S. dan banyak lagi. Memang susah untuk dapat sebab tak ada independent store dekat sini. Kalau nak order dari mana-mana website lain, memang lama nak kena tunggu.

Worry no more! Sebab kali ini, Hermo bakal mengadakan jualan #612Fanta5y sempena ulang tahunnya yang ke-5. Semua produk akan dijual dengan harga yang amat luar biasa dimana  korang juga boleh menikmati diskaun sehingga 90% storewide dan tawaran hebat dari RM 1. Ya, biar betul..RM 1!!

Hermo #612Fanta5y Sale kini kembali dengan pelbagai jenis pilihan untuk semua. Bukan sahaja untuk perempuan tau, lelaki pun ada. Jom jom shopping! Jualan ini akan berlangsung dari 12 Jun sehingga 18 Jun 2017!

300 jenama 9,000 produk di Hermo’s 612 5th Anniversary Sale. Wheee!

300 jenama? 9,000 produk? Banyaknya! Rambang mata nak tengok. Sekarang tak payah pergi jauh-jauh dah. Duduk kat rumah pastu beli online je. Antara jenama-jenama yang terdapat di Hermo adalah COSRX, NYX Professional Makeup, Maybelline, Skin Food, Klairs, Heimish, The Body Shop, SLEEK MakeUp, Benefit, dan banyak lagi! Hermo juga ada bawa masuk jenama-jenama baharu, so jangan ketinggalan!

Jangan risau, online shopping ni tak susah pun. Browse je guna smartphone korang ataupun muat turun aplikasi Hermo untuk pengguna Android dan iOS. Senang kan? Korang boleh check out barangan yang on sale dan juga promosi terkini dari pelbagai jenama kecantikan. Oh ya, kalau korang beli 2 items, dapat FREE shipping tau.

Kat Hermo, banyak produk famous yang korang boleh jumpa. Siap ada review lagi dari Beauty Vloggers dan YouTubers yang popular. Dah lah harga murah, boleh dapat freebies dan voucher lagi! Best tau shopping dengan Hermo!


Jualan murah #612Fanta5y bermula serendah RM 1! BIAR BETUL?!

Memang berbaloi kalau korang beli-belah kat Hermo masa 612 Anniversary Sale diorang ni. So, untuk beauty junkie di luar sana, korang boleh lah stock up makeup, skincare, perfume, hair care, body care, dan barangan kecantikan yang lain.

Rugi kalau terlepas jualan ni dengan tawaran harian bernilai RM6, RM1 dan RM2 sahaja, sempena tema jualan #Hermo612.


OMO! Shopping, voucher dan freebies! #Hermo612

Untuk setiap pembelian tempoh sale #Hermo612 ini, korang akan dapat Fanta5y Pouch secara PERCUMA. Dalam Fanta5y Pouch ni ada 1x mask, 1x cermin, dan 1x hadiah misteri.

Oh, bukan itu sahaja tau, korang juga boleh main game untuk memenangi voucher bernilai RM 5 dan RM 10. Lepas tu, guna voucher tu masa korang buat order untuk mendapat diskaun tambahan! Game yang dipanggil Smashing Beauty ini terbuka untuk semua orang – join jangan tak join!

OMO!  Sepertimana artis Korea yang sering melafazkan slang Korea ni di bibir kerana terkagum, para pelanggan Hermo juga tidak akan ketinggalan menyeru OMO! Jangan lupa check tawaran Fanta5tical XOMO Flash Deals menawarkan diskaun sehingga 70% dan harga yang sangat hebat untuk kesemua brand kesukaan korang. Memang tak cukup tangan kalau nak shopping!

Nak tau apa produk bestsellers di Hermo? Jangan miss out XOMO Flash Sale nanti! Korang boleh grab produk-produk ni dengan harga yang murah gila! Flash Sale ni ada dua slot je iaitu pada pukul 12 pm dan 8 pm. Jangan lupa refresh setiap hari tau!

Hermo’s 612 5th Anniversary Sale kali ini bukan sekadar jualan biasa je. So, jangan lepaskan peluang keemasan untuk grab produk kecantikan kesukaan korang dari Hermo bermula 12 Jun sehingga 18 Jun, 2017!


Skin care terkenal dari Korea iaitu COSRX, Klairs dan Skin Food

Antara jenama make up yang terhangat iaitu Benefit, Maybelline & NYX

Ha, macam-macam pilihan produk ada di Hermo kan? Memang susah nak pilih. Beli semua lah! Hehehe

Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang Hermo’s 612 5th Anniversary Sale ni, korang boleh ke website Hermo sendiri. Link di bawah:




Attillah is a former welding inspector in the oil and gas industry, and has been a Grab driver for a few years.

"I was actually a welding inspector in oil and gas before I became a Grab driver. My previous job involves working in oil rigs around the world, and I'll be away from home for weeks. Nevertheless it provided me with a good income, but opportunities dried up," Attillah said.


With not many welding jobs available, Attillah was desperately looking for other ways to support his family.

"I have a family to feed so I started looking for other work. Then I found out about Grab on the internet. The monthly earnings I could get from Grab was comparable to what I got earlier. I had to complete the mandatory online training and once Grab completed my background check, I started driving as a Grab Driver," Attillah explained.

He even sold his computer so he could use the money as down payment for a better car.

He also used his Grab earnings to start a baking business with his wife.

"My wife loves to bake, and I had some money from driving for Grab that I can spare, so we started a baking business together. She bakes and I do the deliveries. It's a great arrangement especially since my working hours are flexible," he said.

Attillah added that as a Grab Driver, he is entitled to an exclusive rewards programme - GrabAllStars. Benefits include 3% savings on PETRONAS fuel with the special Grab Mesra Card, up to 30% savings on car maintenance, and special deals on online retail and F&B, which help to bring up his nett earnings each month.

They may sound little but these benefits actually help Attillah save up to RM300 every month! GrabAllStars help Grab drivers cut back on their daily operations costs so that they get to take home more profits from the job to use on other necessities.

Today, Attillah is one of the most successful Grab drivers in Malaysia, and is even a mentor to new drivers.

"I don't want to give others the wrong impression. It's tough. You get the occasional rude passenger and you can feel a little demotivated. But when you see the earnings at the end of the day, and that you can actually help the newbies, you feel happy. It's not an easy life, but it sure is rewarding. Plus, now I can see my family everyday because of the flexible work schedule!" said Attillah.

You go, Attillah! Here's a thumbs up from Chuck Norris for you.


Watch his full video here.

Click here to sign up as a Grab driver today

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Driving in Malaysia always comes with two highly annoying problems: insane traffic jams and the struggle of looking for parking.

But when you opt for using a ride hailing app instead, you sometimes end up not being able to get a ride

It's beyond frustrating to get responses like "sorry, we couldn't find you a driver" or "sorry, all our drivers are busy at the moment", especially if you're in a rush to get somewhere.

Grab wants to reassure users that they will never face this issue thanks to Grab's 100% ride guarantee

With their wide network and superior driver supply, Grab promises that you don't have to worry about not getting a ride. Every time you request for one, you are guaranteed to get a driver.

If by any chance you do happen to fail in getting a ride, you'll get RM8 off your next Grab. 

This offer is only applicable if you didn't get a ride at one of the following selected areas:

Klang Valley: Bangsar, Mid Valley, KL Sentral, Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Publika, Bandar Utama, TTDI, Damansara Uptown, Cheras, & Sunway
Melaka: Melaka Raya, Kota Laksamana, Jalan Bendahara, & Melaka Sentral
Penang: Georgetown & Gurney Drive area
Johor: KSL City, Taman Century, Taman Pelangi, Bandar Baru Uda & Larkin
Kota Kinabalu: KK Town & One Borneo

Terms and conditions apply.


In addition, Grab has also released a new promo code that gives users RM8 off 8 rides

Promo code: SureGrab
Promo period: 8 June 2016 - 12 June 2016
Promo mechanics: RM8 off 8 Grab rides

This promo is not valid from 6am to 9am and from 6pm to 9pm. Terms and conditions apply.



With Grab's confidence in their guarantee and the fact that said guarantee has now been expanded to more locations, there's no better time to use the app

Just book a Grab for a convenient and cost-effective way of getting to where you need to go.

Find out more about Grab's guarantee here.