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SAYS.my - Share And Get Paid

Written by  Aug 08, 2012

SAYS is a network of crowd-curated news sites, giving you the hottest trending news topics, remixed with the right videos, pictures, different news sources, polls, discussions! Aside from rapidly discovering everything you need to know about any hot topic, you can also…

Earn Extra Money

If you like sharing the latest news on social media, then you’re in luck! In our Specials section, you’ll get paid for broadcasting sponsored content. Gain access to exclusive resources to effectively broadcast Specials that will increase your earnings significantly once you’ve signed up.



Social media sharers get rewarded by participating in all kinds of reward opportunities, such as:

  1. Social Recommendations - What you tell your friends is the most powerful form of recommendations. You can choose to spread promotions, events or news, and get paid in cash or contribution points.
  2. Social Good – Help non-profits, grassroot movements, and social causes we care about by spreading the words.
  3. Invite your friends to join SAYS.my – Visit http://says.com/my/referral and get your invite link to share it with your friends, you will be paid for every friend who signs up for SAYS.my and is *active.
  4. Join contests – From time to time, we will run contests with various prizes to giveaway. Look out for them on our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter (@SAYSdotMY) and Blog.

*Shares a campaign and gets more than 3 unique visits.


Last modified on Sunday, 30 April 2017 09:29

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