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Attillah is a former welding inspector in the oil and gas industry, and has been a Grab driver for a few years.

"I was actually a welding inspector in oil and gas before I became a Grab driver. My previous job involves working in oil rigs around the world, and I'll be away from home for weeks. Nevertheless it provided me with a good income, but opportunities dried up," Attillah said.


With not many welding jobs available, Attillah was desperately looking for other ways to support his family.

"I have a family to feed so I started looking for other work. Then I found out about Grab on the internet. The monthly earnings I could get from Grab was comparable to what I got earlier. I had to complete the mandatory online training and once Grab completed my background check, I started driving as a Grab Driver," Attillah explained.

He even sold his computer so he could use the money as down payment for a better car.

He also used his Grab earnings to start a baking business with his wife.

"My wife loves to bake, and I had some money from driving for Grab that I can spare, so we started a baking business together. She bakes and I do the deliveries. It's a great arrangement especially since my working hours are flexible," he said.

Attillah added that as a Grab Driver, he is entitled to an exclusive rewards programme - GrabAllStars. Benefits include 3% savings on PETRONAS fuel with the special Grab Mesra Card, up to 30% savings on car maintenance, and special deals on online retail and F&B, which help to bring up his nett earnings each month.

They may sound little but these benefits actually help Attillah save up to RM300 every month! GrabAllStars help Grab drivers cut back on their daily operations costs so that they get to take home more profits from the job to use on other necessities.

Today, Attillah is one of the most successful Grab drivers in Malaysia, and is even a mentor to new drivers.

"I don't want to give others the wrong impression. It's tough. You get the occasional rude passenger and you can feel a little demotivated. But when you see the earnings at the end of the day, and that you can actually help the newbies, you feel happy. It's not an easy life, but it sure is rewarding. Plus, now I can see my family everyday because of the flexible work schedule!" said Attillah.

You go, Attillah! Here's a thumbs up from Chuck Norris for you.


Watch his full video here.

Click here to sign up as a Grab driver today

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Moment Of Truth: What Do Malaysian Mums Really Think About Before They Go To Bed? Unsurprisingly, 90% is about their kids. :')

A mother's job is never complete. She plays so many different roles that it truly blows our minds to think about just how much she does in one day. There are chores around the house, work responsibilities, and most important of all, taking care of you. Sometimes, she even manages to squeeze in some me-time to do something she loves. The days are long, but mums take things in stride, and are already planning ahead. It's no wonder that her mind is never at rest, even right before she goes to sleep. But what exactly do our mothers think about?

We got curious and asked some Malaysian mums to tell us the last 3 things they thought about before bed last night.

Note: The mums sent us their bedtime thoughts and we wrote them down on their behalf. Some of the personal details have been changed for privacy.


"1. What should I make for breakfast tmrw?
2. Need to print materials for the AGM.
3. Look up ballet classes for Jasmine."

- Sheela Anthony, 35, Finance executive


"1. I need to do the laundry.
2. I need to wash the milk bottles.
3. I need to shower.
(But I end up doing none of it. :P)"

- Cecilia Wong, 34, Head of marketing



"1. I <3 putting the kids to bed :)
2. Don't need to cook lunch tomorrow! Can wake up @ 6.30am!
3. Gotta get the songs ready for the concert!"

- Adrene Wong, 34, Preschool and music teacher



"1. What to pack for Aisha's bekal tomorrow?
2. Are there any bills that need to be paid?
3. Where to go for my next holiday?"

- Farah Lau, 42, Civil servant




"1. Did the baby poop today? (OMG SHE DID'T! :/)
2. Gotta finish that report before 10am. x__x
3. The kids had rice today, so gonna cook noodles for dinner. <3 <3 <3"

 - Laila Zain, 30, Lead content specialist



"1. Finish up the Hong Kong trip blog post.
2. Reschedule gym session (clashing with PIBG meeting @ Adam's school).
3. Check camera battery for the shoot tomorrow."

- Alice Tan, 30, Freelance photographer



"1. What to pre-cook before work trip on Friday?
2. How's the progress of the project?
3. When's registration period for the school?"

- Catherine Lim, 53, Paralegal



"1. What day is it tomorrow?!
2. That assignment to submit.
3. Wait, are the bags & water bottles packed for tomorrow?"

- Marion Yeoh, 36, School principal and Master's student


"1. How many hours do I get to sleep tonight? Baby still wakes up every 2 hours.
2. What to cook for baby tomorrow? Today she didn't like her food even though yesterday she finished the whole bowl!
3. House so messy. Have to clean. It's never clean enough.

- Michelle Soh, 29, Head of social headlines



"Tomorrow I must:
1. Buy ingredients for the birthday cake order.
2. Make sure I'm home by 3pm to interview new nanny candidate.
3. Call dentist to make appointment for Divya."

- Priya Raj, 28, Entrepreneur



"1. Am I not good enough?
2. How to ensure that I eat less so I can lose the excess calories intake today?
3. Nanny not around, better stay at home more to take care of Jared (my son)!"

- Castell Wong, 36, Group sales manager



Mums, what were the last 3 things you thought about before you went to bed last night? Let us know in the comments section below. :)

Mothers truly are the best! Here's to our amazing and inspiring mums who selflessly give their all, everyday. <3

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